Parental Consent Form

Every submission by a team of developers aged 13-17 years old is required to have one parent or legal guardian submit the skill to the U.S. Alexa Skill Store and complete and sign a CONSENT FORM on behalf of the team. Participants under 18 must be from the U.S. and Canada.

Forms must be provided to Devpost using the file attachment field on the submission form.

  1. Register for the Alexa Skills Challenge: Tech for Good on Devpost.
  2. Ask your parent or guardian to sign for up an Amazon Developer Account.
  3. Ask your parent or guardian for help with your submission on This will include providing a signed consent form enabling you to use their Amazon Developer Account. The submission form must include your Skill ID once you’ve built it. It will also include a demo video and screenshots of your functioning skill. Review the rules for video requirements.
  4. Review the Resources page to learn more about the Alexa Skills Kit, designing for voice, and submitting your skill for
  5. Build your skill!
  6. Host your skill on AWS Lambda (recommended), or another hosting service of your choice. Your parent or guardian may apply to receive $100 in AWS promotional credit.
  7. Ask your parent or guardian to submit your skill on AND submit your skill for U.S. Alexa Skill Store certification before 5:00pm ET on September 17, 2018. Your skill must pass certification before 5:00pm ET on October 1, 2018.
  8. Have questions? Contact us at