More on the prizes!

Overall Prizes:

  • Participant Prize: Eligible participants in the U.S. will take home an Amazon Echo Dot, while international participants will receive a gift card of equivalent value.
  • Finalist Prize: Ten finalists will take home $5,000 each and have their skill promoted to Alexa customers by Amazon across multiple channels to face off for the grand prize.
  • Grand Prize: The winner for the overall best Tech for Good skill will be chosen from the finalists and will receive $10,000 on top of their finalist prize. The grand prize winner will also get to direct a $20,000 donation from Amazon to one of 11 nonprofits. Learn more about each nonprofit here.

There are 11 additional bonus prizes across two categories—Content and Technical. You could be eligible to win up to one bonus prize in each category.

Content Bonus Prizes – Winners of these bonus prizes will receive $5,000 and need not be a finalist

  • Best Circular Economy Skill: Awards skills that focus on waste minimization, recycling, composting, and finding new uses for existing products. Also includes Skills that help extend the life of products through repair or that help identify products that are long-lasting, repairable, and easily disassembled/recycled.
  • Best Sustainable Transportation Skill: Awards skills that promote sustainable transportation, such as public transit, carpooling, nonmotorized transportation, alternative fuel or electric vehicles, and minimizing congestion. 
  • Best Natural Resource Efficiency Skill: Awards skills that seek to improve the efficiency of energy, water and other resources in the home, workplace, school, or public space.
  • Best STEM Education Skills: Awards skills that promote student engagement with or the study of STEM-related fields, such as computer science, math, or physics.
  • Best Disaster Relief Skill: Awards skills that seek to help, prepare, or guide people who live in areas impacted by natural disasters and skills that raise awareness and makes it easy for Amazon customers to help those impacted by natural disasters.


Technical Bonus Prizes – Winners of these bonus prizes will receive $2,000 and need not be a finalist

  • Best Skill Built by University Student(s) or US/Canada High School Student(s): The winning individual or team members must be age 13-18, and currently enrolled in a high school in the US or Canada.
  • Best Use of Open-sourced Data: Awards skills that make the best use of the resources listed on the Resources tab.
  • Best Skill for Echo Show & Echo Spot: Awards a skill that is enhanced for Alexa-enabled devices with screens such as Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot.
  • Best Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Integration: Awards skills with the best integration of one or more AVS device(s).
  • Best Use of Advanced Alexa Developer features: Awards skills with the best integration of Dialog ManagementEntity ResolutionMemory (persistence), or CanFullFillIntent.
  • Best Global English Skill: Awards skills that were published in the US Alexa Skill Store and also published in the Canada, India, Australia, or UK Alexa Skill Stores.