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Hi, I would like to know what is a etag in connection with Alexa.

In the developer console of the following error after trying to save.

"Save Failed
Provided eTag does not match with the resource's current eTag. Please apply your changes on the latest version of the resource. Error code: InvalidEtag"


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    Hey Lyle,

    I found this page that has some references to eTags under the deploy command headers: https://developer.amazon.com/zh/docs/smapi/ask-cli-command-reference.html

    Let me know if this is helpful at all.


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    I've seen this error when trying to build the model immediately after saving updated JSON.
    Something like this:
    1) Click Save
    2) It says "Successful"
    3) Click "Build"
    4) It give "Save failed on eTag"
    If this scenario similar to yours - just give it a minute after clicking save. If I give it some time between save and build I get no eTag error.

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