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Blueprint skill definition

I was just looking over the rules and it said that blueprint skills weren’t allowed. Would a skill built off of the ‘nodejs-adventure-game-skill’ repo be a “blueprint” skill? We added sound effects, made checkpoint systems and had custom welcome back messages displaying facts and the sorts. The repo shows steps for publishing the app on the app store too.

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  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Hey! You can build something similar to a Blueprint skill, however, the Alexa Blueprint skills cannot be submitted and published to the Skill Store. Certification is a requirement for eligibility and Blueprint skills can only be run on your own Echo device or shared on a small scale. Check out the FAQs: https://blueprints.amazon.com/help/frequently-asked-questions#help-content

    If you build using those templates you cannot submit for certification which is why they are ineligible here.

    Hope that helps!

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